Why does my business need general liability insurance?

Published: 27th June 2009
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If you are running a company and a business, you may come up with the question, "Why does my business need general liability insurance?" well, insurance is something we identify with and also know the reasons for availing of it. Insurance mitigates risk of loss, especially financial loss due to a host of perils that are covered against by paying the insurance company adequate premium. But when it comes to businesses, it may not be clear as to what is the need for availing of general liability insurance. There are still a lot of people with so many misconceptions and false notions about insurance that it bears paying a little attention to the concept and the rationale for availing of it.

Today's society is quite an uptight and libelous society where people are routinely hauled to court and go through legal hassles on account of people slapping law suits on them. This is precisely why general liability insurance assumes significance. General liability helps to cover for liabilities that arise due to the harm that the company could cause to the life, health and property of others in the course of its operations. For instance, a company in the heavy engineering sector could be using cranes or heavy duty equipment which always has sundry perils associated with it. Now if the company has general liability insurance, it would be protected against any claims that arise out of its operations. So if you are a business owner and are still asking, "Why does my business need general liability insurance?", you may need to think twice and ponder about this at length.

If you are contemplating availing of general liability insurance, you would need to do a proper risk assessment to asses the extent of the coverage that you may need. This is a function of the extent, nature and scope of the business. If your company deals with heavy machinery, chemicals or any other hazardous material that could cause harm even though inadvertently, do consider taking higher general liability insurance. "Why does my business need general liability insurance?" is a question that every business owner needs to ask early on and ensure adequate coverage.

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