Male Alternatives to the Diaper Bag

Published: 11th December 2009
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A lot of men out there want to be involved in taking care of their newborn. This does not mean that they want to run around with a diaper bag covered in flowers all day. Fortunately, there are male alternatives to the traditionally feminine diaper bag.

For about $100, men can get masculine, stylish diaper bags that range anywhere from basic black to vivid camo, with everything in between. The upsurge in male celebrities toting around their babies has led to a whole new market that caters to dads, and makes child care more accessible to men.

The best part is, these bags look nothing like diaper bags. In fact, it looks more like the dad is ready to go mountain biking. They have plenty of storage compartments, great designs and are compact and easy to carry.

The great part is, these bags are not any more expensive than good feminine diaper bags, so they are definitely worth investing in. The largest and most popular manufacturer right now is Diaper Dudes, who have over twenty original designs made specifically for men.

Finally, the child care industry is beginning to acknowledge the increasing involvement of fathers. By catering to men specifically, they make the transition into fatherhood much easier and more hands-on.

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